"I only feel angry when I see waste.  When I see people throwing away things we could use."
     -Mother Teresa

Items to Give

Are there any items around your house that you don't need or use anymore?

 Put up a blog under 'Give Away' with a description of the item and your phone number or e-mail, so people can contact you to recieve the items.  Click on 'Give Away' on the top of this page to go to the blog. 

Items to Get
Could you use items that people would have sitting around their house? 

Go the the 'Needed' blog, and let people know what items you could use and leave a phone number or e-mail.  Click on 'Needed' on the top of this page to go to the blog. 

Thank you to everyone who is using this site to help recycle items with people in our community.  It is great to have you join us. 

This site is for those who have items they don't need anymore and want to give them away to people who could use them.